Have a Will?

from Spring 2019 Edition

Do you have a will? Has it been updated?

Every adult needs a will particular to his or her circumstances. A good will should take into account family situation, the size of the estate, and the causes and organizations that are important in one’s life.

The drafting of a will need not be frightening, but it does need the expertise of an attorney to fully protect one’s interest and directives. The omission of even minor details can cause a will to be declared invalid or give rise to lengthy complications which can be costly.

A qualified attorney is the best starting place. An attorney will make sure that the wording is clear, that all your wishes are considered and that your will conforms to state law. Fees for writing a will vary and depend on a number of variables. However, any cost is far outweighed by the resulting peace of mind as well as savings realized at the time of probate.

Remembering the works and the Franciscan Friars may be something you wish to consider when writing your will. Since the time of St. Francis, generous benefactors have always walked with the Friars and supported their ministries.

If you wish to remember the Companions of St. Anthony in your will, the proper legal title is: Companions of St. Anthony, 12290 Folly Quarter Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042. Do not hesitate to call (1-410-531-9200) or write Joseph Hamilton at the Companions of St. Anthony with questions regarding bequests or other gifts to the Companions.


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