Helping the Friars help others

from Spring 2020 Edition

During an especially trying time in her life, Maryland resident Jean Hartman turned to the Friars at the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City for help, and the Friars responded as they have done for ages.

Kevin and Jean Hartman
Kevin and Jean Hartman

The pastoral care for her concerns helped strenghten Jean in her struggles and, in gratitude for their role of guidance and healing, Jean and her husband, Kevin, have decided to remember the Friars in their will.

“We love the Shrine,” said Jean. “It’s a place where I can connect with God and focus on my relationship with Him. The friars are giving – they pray for you, they welcome you as you are. They are inclusive. The focus is on giving to us. They do not judge. They take the time to listen. The friars lives are about service. They can’t do this without our support. I would absolutely encourage others to remember the Friars in their estate plans.”

If you wish to continue supporting the ministries of the Franciscan Friars through a remembrance in your will, our legal title is: Franciscan Friars—Our Lady of the Angels Province, Inc., Companions of St. Anthony, 12290 Folly Quarter Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

For more information on remembering the Franciscans in your will, or any other questions regarding bequests or other gifts to the Companions of St. Anthony, please call or write to Joseph Hamilton at


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