The Franciscan Education Burse Program

Have you ever heard of the Franciscan Education Burse Program?

Originally setup to assist with costs of educating young friars studying at the Franciscans’ seminaries in Granby, Massachusetts and Rensselaer, New York, the Education Burse Fund (EBF) has evolved into an incredible way of remembering Friars, family, and loved ones who have passed on to the Glory of God.

The EBF is not an endowment for a particular College, as other schools have. As a program of the Our Lady of the Angels Province, the Burse program creates capital funds where each gift is restricted, enabling the Burse Fund to grow and produce interest.

When a Friar or loved one dies, parishioners or family can establish a burse with a promise to give $5,000 or more, over a span of time. Gifts can come from many different individuals and sources and when the burse is fully funded, it is completed and named.

Only the interest from the Fund can be used and solely for the education and formation of our friars completing their education.

The word Burse is a term from the Middle Ages indicating the type of bag that a traveler or pilgrim would carry. Today, it serves as vessel for holding funds to educate the next generation of Franciscan Friars.

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