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from March 2016 Edition

“One day in early 2003 I lit a candle in honor of St. Anthony. I asked St. Anthony to help me in my struggling marriage. I asked him to give me a sign that my life would turn around for the good. When I got home from church that day I opened my mailbox and a little statue of St. Anthony was standing upright in the mail. It came from the Companions of St. Anthony! I have the statue, my wife, and two beautiful sons. What a great favor from a great saint!”
A.M., Newark, NJ

“I want to tell you that I have a “Companion Prayers” booklet that I have been using for years. It has been stapled and scotch taped so many times but I still use it. Now I can use the large print edition and God knew when to send it because all of a sudden I have eye problems. Thank you and I pray for you and those who work with you.”
N.M., Asheville, North Carolina

“I live alone and have no one to help me so I often pray to St. Anthony for help and guidance. Today, after I came home from daily Mass I discovered my house keys were lost. I was distraught because I had no one to help me. I immediately prayed “St. Anthony, wonder-worker, help me.” I went back to my car to go to a friend’s house when I suddenly looked down at my feet. There were my keys in the grass beside my car! I was holding his relic which is on my car keys! St. Anthony has helped me in many situations. He gives me hope that although I may be by myself, I am not alone.”
A.F., Charleston, South Carolina


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