Will You Be an Angel to Those in Need?

from Summer 2020 Edition

As a dear and loving friend to the Companions of St. Anthony, your commitment to us and the poor we serve does not go unnoticed. Time and time again, you open your heart and your wallet… giving generously to our programs, with one goal in mind, which is to improve the lives of all God’s children.

As a treasured Companion, we would like to make your life easier while, together, we change lives. We invite you to become a St. Anthony Angel today!

St. Anthony Angels are special Companions who sustain the mission of the Friars with a monthly gift. When you become a St. Anthony Angel, you see immediate and practical advantages and immense benefits for the work of the Companions, and the Franciscan Friars you assist.

Greater Convenience. As a St. Anthony Angel you will have the convenience of supporting the Franciscans through secure monthly credit card transactions. You won’t have to fill out reply forms or write checks any longer.

Reduced number of mailings a year. As a St. Anthony Angel we will remove you from our monthly mailings. You will only receive our St. Anthony Companion newsletter and information on our special needs.

Reduced cost to the Friars. If we are able to reduce the number of mailings, we will also reduce the expenses entailed with raising funds for our ministries.

Better budgeting. With the ups and downs of mail delivery, it is difficult to know when and how much income will arrive in donor support. However, with monthly sustainer commitments, the Friars will be able to budget more accurately for our ministry.

Instead of receiving our regular appeals in the mail and sending back your response, your donations would be automatically transferred directly to the Companions as monthly gifts. These gifts, electronically processed from your checking account or your credit/debit card, are a safe and secure way for you to offer your sustained support for our Gospel work without the burden of remembering to mail in your gift. You can cancel your participation at any time, for any reason. No questions asked.

If you are already a St. Anthony Angel and want to update your recurring pledge, simply go online to update your account or call us at 844-782-6846.

Earn your wings today! Visit www.companionsofstanthony.org/donation. We look forward to counting you among our many Angels.


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