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from October 2015 Edition

“In October, my 91-year of mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We were certain there was nothing to be done. After praying to St. Anthony and begging for his intercession, we found that surgery was possible. Mom underwent surgery and is on her way to recovery! Thank you, St. Anthony!”
M.A.G., Iowa

“I want to thank the Companions for the beautiful gift of the St. Anthony of Padua Blessed Relic folder. I received the gift this past Saturday. On Sunday, a friend came over to my house for a spiritual meeting. When she started talking about how much she loved St. Anthony I excused myself and quickly went to get the Relic folder you sent. She was so excited! I told her that I didn’t believe in coincidences and I felt I had to give the Relic folder to her. It warmed my heart to see how excited she was to receive it!”
R.L., Alpharetta, GA

“Last Christmas, I spent 8 days in Intensive Care after nearly bleeding to death from a colonoscopy. I felt that all was lost and I prayed and prayed to dear St. Anthony to enable me to find good health again. I believe a miracle took place due to St. Anthony. I tell people all the time to pray to St. Anthony. I know in my heart that he saved my life and gave me back to my family.”
E.H., Ashland, PA


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